From The Ashes
Rosanne Cash Lyrics

I don't have to carry this load alone
Someday I'll stop crying, and it won't be long
My eyes to the distance, baby
My hands on the wheel
And I'm gonna rise from the ashes
That's how I feel, I feel
I'm gonna rise from the ashes

I feel inspiration when all may be lost
I claim resurrection no matter the cost
My moment of waking, darlin'
Is so close at hand
And I'm gonna rise from the ashes
I know I can, I can
I'm gonna rise from the ashes

Just give me one more moment
Just give me one more night
I'll be alright
You know I will
I will

I hold onto faith inside my fear
I know someone hears
me when no one is near
My heart is my compass
My soul is my guide
And I'm gonna rise from the ashes
Be alive, so alive
I'm gonna rise from the ashes

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Downtown Music Publishing
Written by: ROSANNE CASH

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Comments from YouTube:


With Bruce Cockburn.  A great pairing. 

Kris Projection


Cora Duncan

Bruce Cockburn on background vocals

Sonia Currie

Dear Rosanne, you probably imagine you were a daddy's girl because you share the music with him and you look so much like him. Nope, those were just added bonus. Men tend to be drawn to their first child. If you look back at his pictures, you will see that his eyes tend to reach for you, long b4 it became evident that you are musically inclined. The Bible calls the first born, "the beginning of his, generative powers." Men tend to be drawn to their first child, and women tend to be drawn to their last child. It doesn't mean they love any of their other children any less, that is often just the order of the universe, something that under normal condition should be no big deal. It is the custom to hear women talk about that in a very matter of fact way. "Oh, Rosanne, that's my husband's heart. The two of them can talk for hours. They are two peas in a pod." I suppose what is suppose to be just a defining part of a family make up takes on a different meaning when that mother has a broken heart, when she longs for such a husband. People are complicated. We need to thread carefully when we are dealing with people. People, including little children, are not little puppies that you can walk away from without a discussion. Puppies can adopt in a different environment and be just find. Humans need answers. It is the way we were created. True, we are capable of working issues out and move on. But then your story falls on my desk, and it sends me back in time, and I see this outrageous story. All responsible are now dead, and you and your sisters have probably gotten the help they need. So I should not make a big deal of it. I suppose that is how many people feel. I guess this from the stuff that pops up in my twitter. The story, what happened to your Mom nearly 55 years ago was an injustice, probably a bigger injustice than you and even your father realized. It is a mystery. It is infuriating. I do not need anyone's permission or blessings to expose it. As far as I am concern, such a thing ought not to have happened and I do not care who have a problem with me discussing it. I will discuss it until it stops bothering me.