Baby Baby
Rose Murphy Lyrics

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I want you, baby (I want you)
And I need you, baby (I need you)
Oh ,baby (baby)
You got me on my knees (got me on my knees)
You got me beggin', baby, baby (baby)
Baby, baby (baby)
Baby (baby), please
I know you don't trust (the way I feel)
The way I feel
That's why you're standing
(Over there) over there
But don't go hold back on me, baby
Believe me, believe me
'Cause I really care, oh

And I want you, baby (I want you)
And I need you, I need you, I need you (I need you)
Oh, oh baby (baby)
You got me on my knees (got me on my knees)
You got me beggin'
Baby, baby (baby)
Baby, baby (baby)
B-b-b ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-baby, yeah
Oh yeah
B-baby, yeah

Oh, I want you, baby (I want you)
And I need you, baby
Ooh-oh (I need you)
I need you, baby
Yes, I do
I want you (baby, baby, baby)
You got me, baby
Now I'm yours, baby (baby, baby, baby)
Baby (baby, baby, baby)
Baby, baby
Baby, baby (baby, baby, baby)


Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Rose Murphy's song "Baby Baby" express a strong desire and need for someone she loves. The verse "I want you baby / And I need you baby" is repeated twice, emphasizing the intensity of the singer's emotions and desire for this person. The repetition of "baby baby baby" throughout the chorus further highlights this theme.

The second verse suggests that the person she loves may not trust her feelings, as they are "standing over there." However, the singer pleads with them not to "go back" and assures them that she truly cares. This could suggest that there may have been some sort of issue or uncertainty in the relationship, but the singer wants to make it clear that her feelings are genuine.

Overall, the lyrics of "Baby Baby" express a deep emotional desire and need for someone, and a plea for that person to believe the singer's sincerity.

Line by Line Meaning

I want you baby (I want you)
I desire to be with you

And I need you baby (I need you)
I rely on you and require your affection

Oh baby, you got me on my knees (Got me on my knees)
You have complete control over me and I am begging for your attention

You got baby, baby baby
You possess me fully

Baby baby baby please
Please don't deny me or abandon our relationship

I know you don't trust, the way I feel (The way I feel)
I understand your skepticism toward my emotions

That's why your standing over there
Your physical distance displays your mistrust toward me

But don't go back on me baby
Don't give up on us

Believe me believe me, 'cause I really care oh.
Trust me, I care deeply about you

Oh I want you baby
I deeply crave your love

I need you baby
I depend on your presence and affection

Ooh oh baby
Oh my dear, beloved one

Yes I do
It's true, I want and need you

You got me baby
You completely possess me

Expressing deep emotions

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby.
Repeating the word 'baby' emphasizes the importance of this person in my life

Yes! (Baby baby baby)
Expressing extreme joy and happiness

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Written by: Henry D. Krieger, Tom Eyen

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