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by Rotfront -Berlin

YURIY: In the middle of Berlin
On Schoenhauser Allee
After one more
Dark and rainy summer day
I was on my way to Kaffee Burger
For a RussianDisko nite
She was standing on the corner
And it was love at first sight
I've asked if she spoke German
And she only answered "Nein"
So I've asked "where are you going?"
And she said "Leave me allein!"
Look, you simply have to tell me
Or I think I'll go insane!
She said "I'm flying out of Tegel
To Barcelona Spain!"

From Berlin to Barcelona
…wenn es sein muss folg ihr durch ganz Europa
De Berlin a Barcelona
…doch du kennst weder ihren Namen noch ihre Nummer
Aus Berlin nach Barcelona
…kündige die Wohnung plündere dein Konto
und fahr aus Berlin nach Barcelona

aus Berlin nach Barcelona
aus Berlin nach Barcelona
aus Berlin nach Barcelona
aus Berlin nach Barcelona

Blackhaired exotic queen
Suddenly she was so near
But the bus came in a minute
And I watched her disappear
I stood there for an hour
Or maybe even two
I was feeling small and helpless
Wasn't sure what to do
Was watching trams and buses
But suddenly from a passing car
Came out my friend Wladimir
And we went into a bar
On Schönhauser Allee
It was pissing down with rain
So I've ordered 8 cachacas
Hoping they would soothe my pain

Now listen, mate, sorry,
You have to hear my story,
Fell in love with a beauty queen
And she just left Berlin
I can't take it anymore
My heart I can't ignore
I'll soon be thirty-four
But never felt this way before

MAD MILIAN: da hat dir wirklich jemand ordentlich den Kopf verdreht
ich hab dich Ewigkeiten nicht mehr so besoffen erlebt
was suchst du in ner Kneipe irgendwo in Mitte
spar das Geld scheiß auf Alkohol
und hol dir ein Ticket

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