Don't Go Away
Roughhouse Lyrics

Well it's you, for me tonight.
I have you in my sight,
I've got you on my mind so much,
I feel so close, but I'm afraid to touch,
Well I've had, some hard times,
With a girl I used to know,
And I thought, that I'd never fall in love again

Now I'm on my way,
But only in my dreams
Something like this never lasts too long
Now I sing this song,
To make you listen close,
Please, please, please don't go away

So you drive, a fancy car
And you wear them fancy clothes,
And I don't, have the cash to keep you,
Up to date.
Well it's time, you wake yourself,
And smell the burning rain,
'Cause love, can paint the blue skies grey,
And take you away.

And everything you do,
And everything you say,
Makes me dream of you,
Don't go away

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