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Roy Buchanan Lyrics

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Meliss Medford

A reviewer once said to Roy, "You play so calmly outside.." and he replied, "Yeah, but I'm on fire inside..." This tune is one of the proofs.

Sonny Boy II

I read the interview and I thought he said "...screaming on the inside" (?)


Killer fusion tune, but then again, Roy Buchanan was the a beast with the instrument. God rest his soul!!!!!!!!

Roy Douglas

Roy was the best and my favorite !!! I Love this whole CD....R.I.P.

Monte Whisenhunt

The greatest guitar player you never heard of


Ah, yes! I can remember crankin this one in my truck every Sunday afternoon just before taking the field to play football. Talk about getting pumped to dismember!!!!

Georgehanker Ely059

This guy destroyed my hearing - it was worth it...  saw him in a small venue in Pa.


Can anyone say; fusion music? The late, great Roy Buchanan cranking it up and turning it loose with some Chicago Smoke Shop off of Alligator Records. This and Flash Chordin from Hot Wires, just unreal. what a tremendous virtuoso he was.


Roy is an amazing guitarist. Some believe that he was picking up where Hendrix left off. Sadly, he is no longer with us. He committed suicide in a jail cell...

Sonny Boy II

That story is BS - police cover-up for chokehold/excessive force is more likely.

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