Five String Blues
Roy Buchanan Lyrics

Oh, Jesus
This is my final plea
Yes, Jesus
This is my final plea
You know I'm still begging you,
Don't let the devil get the best of me

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Comments from YouTube:

Johann Abeyesinghe

My all time favourite Roy Buchanan track. This captures all aspects of the man's playing. Clean. Crisp. It is ingrained in my brain! RIP Roy

Adam Berwick

For Real! this song Touches my Soul!!


One of THE most expressive examples of lead guitar playing ever !


One amazing guitar player and his Telecaster straight into an old Vibrolux. No effects besides his hands on that guitar.
I miss him and even miss his voice too.
I think it was in a Guitar Player magazine interview when Roy was asked how often he changed his strings:
"When they break." was his reply.
One of the strings broke while recording this "Five String Blues" the recording engineer didn't know until the song was done and Roy was pulling the remnants out of the tuning peg.

Ronny P

If the broke string on this record is true it must of been at 2:06
it went out of tune for a couple of seconds .


Roy as always was incredible. Piano player wasn't too bad either.

Doug Long

No words can describe this man's playing.


Remembering Roy on this 28th anniversary of his demise. RIP Roy, you are missed !

German Rios

Este hombre...esta guitarra esta fuera de este mundo... adelantada 40 años


'Oh Jesus, this is my final plea, you know I'm still begging you, don't let the devil get the best of me'. It's ok the devil didn't, Roy gave the best to us.

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