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Roy Buchanan Lyrics

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joe beckwith

Buchanan - another old guitar god  who died too young but this dude could shred with the best of them . When you mention names like Hendrix , Clapton , Page , Beck and the rest ..never forget Buchanan - he was absolutely their equal .

Phil Frank

Roy was more than equal, he played in his own leaque, like Jeff Beck today.

Zulfikar Egzikutor

one of my favorite along with jj cale.

Bigga Winna Crapsa

@Lauren Broido - I meant - an 'express' way. I know if someone devotes 30 years to just sitting there in his room with his guitar, he'll emerge crazy but crazy good on the guitar. I'm talking about doing it without all the work - cheating, as it were. Now tell me they've perfected the brain-computer meld! I thought that was decades away.

Lauren Broido

@Bigga Winna Crapsa there is a way :)

Bigga Winna Crapsa

They have to invent a way to transfer this talent from brain to brain so that death doesn't end it and it can be built upon.

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There are a lot of fine Tele players in this world, but i think Roy has the purest Tele sound.

HuntGroupProductions .com

I was lucky enough to see him perform a week before he passed away in Aspen, Colorado. He invited me backstage with the band. Sweet, soft spoken man. Miss you Roy.

Know Music Man

@Reinhard Theodor you never saw roy when he was drunk and very mad

Reinhard Theodor

@darryl cole And why should they do that?

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