Mais La
Royal Teeth Lyrics

I found love in disguise – the rain fell so hard
The sweat on my palms as we rode the sleepy street car
The look in your eyes – We couldn't stop dancing
I knew your quiet smile held me some answers
I'd do it all over all over all over again
I'd do it all over all over all over again

Eh Eh Mais La – Eh Eh Mais La
Let the music play we can dance until the day (2x)
The stars in the sky – making our eyes glow
We know the morning's coming – we know we have to go home
I wanna stay forever with you beside me
Underneath magnolias the oak and ivy
I'd do it all over all over all over again
I'd do it all over all over all over again

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Comments from YouTube:

Maddie S

This band is fantastic to see live, I'd recommend it to anyone who has the chance to see them. They have such great stage presence and love interacting with the audience. I also think they sound better live too, their music is so much more exciting when its live.

Sarah Radford

You took the words right out of my mouth. In 2016, I was able to go see 3 bands who just happened to be on the same ticket that night. I got there when the first band was playing and the place was almost empty. I watched in awe as this group that I had never heard of, tore the fucking place down.( In the best way possible). They were unknown but I knew that I was witnessing magic. That band was X-Ambassadors. After Sam, his brother and the other guys dominated the stage, Royal Teeth was up. They got on stage and exuded an energy that was like a magnet to my soul. I loved their CD but I also absolutely felt they were better live because of their magical energy. After they were done, it was time for the main attraction. And guess what? I honestly can't remember their name. Don't get me wrong, they were good was the perfect show. BUT, it was the lesser known, opening acts that stole the stage that night. I dream of a world where people who have God given music flowing through them, are easily able to share their gift with the masses, and not get lost in a sea of mediocrity.

Fernando Mendoza

they are better live dude .. its crazy

janai freer

i saw them last night, they're amazing!

S. Paisley R.

Love them, they are fantastic, going to buy their album today!


this is definitely my favorite song from this album!

joshua browning

Just finding this band and I am stoked on them. Love the chicks voice. Favorite song of the album so far.

Lisa Batdorf

Amazing show. See them at Austin City Limits. They were the opening act and out did the main act


my favorite on the album. Man... so good. How these guys aren't more popular, I'll never know.


Love this song!

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