I Hate Your Pants
Royce da 5'9" Lyrics

[Royce Da 5'9" - singing]
Come away with me
Let's journey to a land where men, are men (sha'mon)
And I wish, that this all was a dream
Those skinny jeans, how do you get yo' balls in them things?
And the day that my son should want a pair
That's gon' be the same day that I put a gun to my head (BLAM)
And why would you want your booty to stick out?
Just be glad, you're, not, in jail (sha'mon)
[Chorus: Royce - singing]
You are gay to me, and that's okay to me
But I still, hate, your pants
You're a fag to me, long as you're happy B
But that, don't mean, I have, to like, your pants

[Royce Da 5'9" - singing]
Where did you buy those things? Are those designer jeans?
Cause I, haven't, seen 'em, at Saks (sha'mon)
And I wish, that this all was a dream
You got a crotch like a Ken doll in them jeans

And there's no way I should be able to see the imprint of your knees
And them jeans, make you look like you got big feet
And I wish that y'all would quit it with that dance
And I hope, y'all, go, to hell (sha'mon)


(Sha'mon) Skinny jeans really, gross me out
It's just the whole concept, you know?
Pullin them over your hairy man ass
And then, havin to peel them off your hairy legs
It's disgusting; Mickey Factz was
In the same room with Joey, when he got punched in the eye
I blame it on the skinny jeans
I blame it on the skinny jeans cause he couldn't react fast enough
Cause uh, his legs was all caught up, in the skinny
I hate skinny jeans

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Comments from YouTube:


This track will NEVER get old.... -_- LOL


@VAFixer ayyye🔥🔥😂


@Lilly Everytime I see people walkin around in skinny jeans - this song plays in my head


Bruhh.. They got romp-hims now... Please make a new track Royce!


Same cannot be said for the skinny jeans trend. In a few years, I can guarantee it will go out of style. Nothing lasts forever.




this guy is easily one of the best, this song just made me like him even more though.

João O.

I was never a a huge Royce fan, but now that I just heard this track he goes right to the top of the dope M.C list ...my man


"There's no way I should be able to see the imprint of your knees"...LMAO... GETTT EM!!


One of the funniest shits I've seen in my life. I totally agree with Royce on many topics, such as this and the word "swag"

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