I Promise
Royce da 5'9" Lyrics

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, yeah yeah
There's a void that needs to be filled inside this marketplace
You could die in my parking space
My mom want me to blow up and house them

My father want me to bring product out without Slim
And prove them wrong, they paid my bills
I'm on your heels, I'm for real, my shoes is long
To feed my son, I will leave you

Leaking in the street, I will heat you to kingdom come
The king will come
Wait 'til you gone in place of a angel appear to take you home
The beard on the face is gone
These bullets is straight razors, blazing you, case in point

Amaze the rap game, make 'em point
Walk inside of the house of the illest and case the joint
And take whatever I want, out of it
Now that I'm wise, my future rides on it, it's time for triumph

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"] + (Ingrid Smalls)
I promise ? if you just let me in the game (pray)
If you should bless me enough to let me reign, I will contain you (pray)
I promise ? I will support my family, slash you (pray)
I promise ? I will pray every day, I will ask you
I promise ? if you just let me in the game (pray)
If you should bless me enough to let me reign, I will contain you (pray)
I promise ? I will stop the killin, I will change (pray)
I promise ? I will put in this flow, what you put in my soul

[Royce Da 5'9"]
The whole misconception with me
The only thing people think that I'm arrogant when they don't know me
That's what it was
If I wasn't a real nigga the shit would not bother me but it does
The shit is not fair
Just picture yourself looking in the mirror trying to change what is not there
When niggas stop speaking
Them phone calls get slow, I'm feeling like Nas before he dropped "Ether"
I appear to be sober
I'ma really be running over whoever said that my career was over
Whoever gave me the cold shoulder
And turn they backs on me, I'll be blazing you from both coasts
Believe me, I got Lil' Homie and July 6
So you funny acting ass producers, I don't need you
You can keep yo' beats, rap for money
Fuck you and everybody else who acted funny


[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm calling every nigga out in the game
That tried to go against the fire and douse the flame
I could shout yo' name
But nobody stands out more than anybody else, you doubt the same
For every nigga that say I'm hiding
Just because I ain't hanging out at the same places I once vibed in
Everybody at my father's job asking him rumors, shit
Stop as my dad soon gon' quit
If I can, maybe thank him for raising me
To think like a baby gangsta, crazy temper
I paid my sentence ? totaled out the prison
The game sent me, fame owes my name plus interest
But once you strapped in to the penmanship
And the track rumbles, you trapped in this rap jungle
When you can't come through, sales are numbers
The one who prevails'll be the one who remain tumbled


What you put in my soul

[Ingrid Smalls]
pray, pray, pray
pray, pray, pray

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Comments from YouTube:

Mark Menace

Royce is top 5 dead or alive, seriously !

Marcus Winger

Many haven't been listening to Royce, some just actually peeped him since his career is back up with Em, but I been listening to him since this album came out, and then I went back and got Rock City. Imma always be a Nickel 9 fan

Ivan Jergovic

The album is great....

Vershawn Copeland

Banger!!!!!!Nuff said I PROMISE


tight track. still give this a listen from time to time

iClone Animations

Royce has the whole package really. 


@metalmadness00 what??

Remus Pierre



sometimes being of fan eminem & listen to royce in his album can be a good thing if people hear him like it they download his other songs

Curtis Crabb

Royce is the Greatest to ever touch the MIC

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