Rue du Soleil Lyrics


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Many years ago I loved this song.

Nothing's changed.

Matt B

one of the best songs ever heard in my whole life

Barrett Frederick

@Marcel Patrick yea, I have been watching on Instaflixxer for months myself =)

Marcel Patrick

dunno if you guys gives a damn but if you're stoned like me atm then you can stream all the new series on Instaflixxer. Have been binge watching with my girlfriend for the last days xD

Hans Peter

Totally agree. This song gives me chills evertime I listen to it🌻

Anders Lejonklou

@The Protagonist i Found this song 6 years ago, its a beautiful masterpiece, every part of it.

The Protagonist

Ten years ago.. Do you still love this song? Just asking..


This song is so full of strong emotions it is almost scary. Reminds me of being in a train back home looking forward to finally see my girlfriend...

Awesome Sponge

I know it sounds very, very cheesy, but for me this song will be forever associated with my first and and only (until now) true love. She was the one who made me discover Café del Mar back then in 2006, as I was wandering in a foreign country (Germany) for the first time in my life, as a fresh student, knowing nothing about everything. This album 'Café del Mar vol. 9' was already 4 years old at the time, but it and especially this song stuck with me.

During the next five years we were many times together and got many times separated, until we found out that we simply weren't meant for each other. We walked different paths since then and I've never heard from her again since but sincerely hope that she found happiness.

Still searching for mine but nevertheless 'Thanks for everything and ganz liebe Grüße Anja'. Wherever you are and with whomever you might be.



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