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by Russell Allen

81 billion beats the soldier's drum
Price of living too high to overcome
Politician preaching that war's the only way
While another bum dies in the streets of L.A

It's all a lie unjustified
It's all for black gold

Killing Christian, killing Hebrew
Killing Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu
You can't take life
So sayth the holy books that you read
Manipulated minds
Serving prophets of greed

It's all a lie unjustified
It's all for black gold
And another one dies unjustified
We're selling our souls

Woe to the beggars catching pity in their hands
While the rich feast on the blood media
Broadcast across the land
And somewhere there's a child in a distant house
Feeling only what children know
Fed from a cauldron of hate
Grows to deliver a badly blow

It's all a lie unjustified
And another one dies unjustified
We're all terrorized and horrified
All for black gold

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Comments from YouTube:

aitech nasus

Atomic Soul Is An Absolutely Awesome Excellent Fantastic Great Killer Straight Up Rock Song By Russell Allen And Totally Rocks Plus Kicks Major League Ass This Needs To Be Fully Cranked Up All The Way Up To Full Maximum Volume.

Marcelo Melgaço

What a tune by RA! Heavy Metal blast!!!

Ángel Giovanni Talamantes Silva

por fin alguien la subió, gracias, no la encontraba en youtube

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