We Will Fly
Russell Allen Lyrics

Well, here we are
It's the world against us again
Again and again
Heartbreak after heartbreak
We force the wings of love into the wind
Again and again
All our lives we struggled
I've come to realize
I've always found the strength to fight
When I see your eyes
In your eyes

We will fly, you and I
Wherever we go
Whatever road we choose
We can't lose
There'll be days when the going is hard
But it's just another bend
Just another little bend in the road
Oh yes, it is
Just a little bend
A little bend in the road

Where do they go?
Youthful years, they slip away
Far, far away
Been gone too long
Home is where I want to stay
Always, always
For so long we struggled just to get by
I've always found the strength to fight
When I see your eyes
In your eyes


So here we are
Playing the same old game again
Again and again
Against the odds
We seem to find a way to win
Again and again
All of life's a struggle
You've come to realize
In faith you find the strength to climb
To reach the skies


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Comments from YouTube:

Kevin Baker

The best voice ever. EVER.

Handerson Rocha

Likely the most powerfull voice I ever heard of. LONG LIVE SIR RUSSEL ALLEN.

Jon Shea

I hear a lot of symphony X influence in this song, there's actually a vocal line that he sings that sounds identical to one of symphony x's songs but this is still fucking amazing, I need to buy this album


I'd go as far as to say he's one of the best vocalists alive today. His range, power and diversity are absolutely incredible!

Panke Valdes

i love this song, russell is the best, the intro is one of my favorites


@Rizzy55: Hmm...Interesting comparison with Lou Gramm, that. Bit heavier than Foreigner, and in my humble opinion Russ eats Gramm for breakfast, but I can definitely see where you were going.


@pieinyourface1 Actually, if you have really good ear you'll hear the Foreigner influence. Not only does he sound like Lou Gramm but the melodies are from a couple different Foreigner songs.


great great voice...great stuff

JoJo's Woodshed

Ending credits to an RPG music.


I think that Allen's voice can do more than prog. He can turn a souful tune, do hard rock or just fall out scrame your face. Like most, I share the view he one of prog meatls best sinngers, plus from what I have herad of his solo stuff, he can work on his own to. Blinding stuff.

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