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Xenogears Torn Apart OC ReMix
Ryan8bit Xaleph Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Andro Artanto Lukman

this is a very powerful, such an energetic, dark mix here. great work of art!


ummm.....this song is beast... I listen to this before i go into work


I always return to same songs, after all these years.


This video is so 2009's.

Mr. 3DLC

this game deserves a remake on ps3 with mechanics similar to xenosaga. Also, flesh disc 2. The change in storytelling was annoying, and I wanted a final character battle. Why else bother to gain exp?


10 years later and the ps5 is out, we still need this!

Shen Erzi

what does he say in the beggining of the song? please I need to know

Matthew Sabol

Trust me - it's more fun it being a mystery =) What I actually said is kind of disappointing in retrospect haa haa!

Mr. 3DLC

@Josefiam "the second inaudible was 'Solaris'".

Shen Erzi

@sbierwagen thanks. its very hard to listen it.

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