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The Solitary Warrior: Revali
Sōshi Abe Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

pink bich named breakfast

the champions ballad definitely made me sympathize with Revali a bit more.

- soAP -

@Mehumies12 i agree 👍


I just think hes cool

- soAP -

@My6thnamechange true


@- soAP - satan is nice


Age of Calamity ruined that for me.

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Steamed klamz

Imagine you've prepared your whole life to be a strong guardian just so that "a chosen one" enters like if it's nothing. Of course you'll feel a type of way

Elijah Follett

S k y w a r d. S w o r d.

Pierre Begley

@DemonLordKirioto Essentially he's questioning the status quo that Demise created those millennia ago.


I mean that's literally the entire LoZ series (obviously not entirely). You got ganon, and these other strong warriors just for some random teen with a special sword to come up and beat their ass

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