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The camera pans the cocktail glass,
Behind a blind of plastic plants;
I found the lady with the fat diamond ring.
Then you know I can't remember a damn thing.

I think it's one of those de ja vu things,
Or a dream that's tryin' to tell me something.
Or will I ever stop thinkin' about it.
I don't know, I doubt it.
Subterranean by design,
I wonder what I would find if I met you,
Let my eyes caress you,
Until I meet the thought of Missess Princess Who?

Often wonder what makes her work.
I guess I'll leave that question to the experts,
Assuming that there are some out there.
They're probably alone, solitaire.

I can remember when I caught up
With a pastime intimate friend.
She said, "Bet you're probably gonna say I look lovely,
But you probably don't think nothin' of me."

She was right, though, I can't lie.
She's just one of those corners in my mind,
And I just put her right back with the rest.
That's the way it goes, I guess.

Baby you send me
Set adrift on memory bliss of you

Careless whisper from a careless man,
A neutron dance for a neutron fan;
Marionette strings are dangerous things,
I thought of all the trouble they bring.

An eye for an eye, a spy for a spy,
Rubber bands expand in a frustrating sigh.
Tell me that she's not dreaming.
She's got an ace in the hole,

It doesn't have meaning.
Reality used to be a friend of mine,
'Cause complete control, I don't take too kind.
Christina Applegate, you gotta put me on.

Guess who's piece of the cake is Jack gone?
She broke her wishbone and wished for a sign.
I told her whispers in my heart were fine.
What did she think she could do?

I feel for her, I really do.
The next day I had the ring finger on her hand,
I wanted her to be a big PM Dawn fan,
But I had to put her right back with the rest.
That's the way it goes, I guess.

Baby you send me
Set adrift on memory bliss of you

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Comments from YouTube:


This is how a perfect start of the day should looks like: Friday morning + spliff + cup of coffee + THIS tune


On a big system this is unreal


I have one 😳❗️


Wicked tune, I am absolutely LOVING this along with the rest of S.P.Y's new album.


Oh yes! this is a keeper! Love the flow of this one \o/

Shaun Hammond

Perfect way to finish the week. Friday night + Vanilla Coke + THIS tune.


Wow I thought What The Future Holds (the track) would be the only epic song in the album. I was wrong, the entire album is epic.


God damn this shit is still great. Deep and dark, plus that growl! GRRRRR

bjorn braet

The second cd I bougth in like 5 years time ! I knew it would be worth it !



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