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月に見蕩れて 川沿いの道
古い街並が 水面で揺れてた
パーティーは今も 続いてる頃
抜け出したけれど 誰も気づかない
このままずっと 夜風が燃える
ふたりのハート 冷ますまで
甘い夢のほとり 歩いてこう
Woo 夜に Woo 響く Woo あしおと
Woo はしゃぐ Woo 君の瞳を Woo
見つめて踊ろう 夢が覚めるまで
歩き疲れて 君は両手に
ヒールぶらさげて 裸足でおどけた
星の数ほど 出会いがあっても
いちばん眩しい 星は君なんだ
このままずっと 時間を止めて
空に歌うよ 抱き寄せて
長いキスをしたら 歩き出そう
Woo 街に Woo 響く Woo あしおと
Woo はしゃぐ Woo 君の手を
二度と離さない 夢が覚めても
Oh Yeah,
Oh Yeah, No No, Yeah Alright
ああ もうすぐ空が 明けてゆく
サヨナラなんて出来ない Oh Girl
Oh Yeah 響く Woo あしおと
Woo はしゃぐ Woo 君の瞳を
見つめて踊ろう 夢が覚めるまで

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Comments from YouTube:


this is the most romantic song i've ever heard... the melody is so beautiful... even without reading the lyrics it conveyed the meaning so perfectly... i've always imagined a small pavilion by the river in the night... decorated with fairy lights... the moon and stars shining brightly... a couple swaying to this tune, waltzing along this lovely tune, looking into each other's eyes adoringly and wanting to freeze that moment in time... sigh so beautiful :')

Hai Nguyen

I wish SHINee could have beautiful moments like you described:)


I've loved this song ever since I heard this. I can't believe this is the first time I saw the translation. Now I'm crying.

Louise Pereira

I'm totally playing this song at my wedding

these diamonds last forever

I love you so much, 5HINee. But I will never be controlling or selfish; I will respect your wishes, so please, don’t feel bad when doing ANYTHING.

Because you are living your life; no one should say anything about the way you live. Please don’t feel restricted. Especially in an industry where people’s own fans control them....

I will respect your decisions....

Xime Lozada



Onew Onew ,who else 2019?

Meg White

this song paints such a beautiful picture. im crying

Snezana Bozic

First time seeing eng sub of this song :') It's so beautiful Thank you for subbing

rabeb bougatf

Jonghyung voice and passion while performing break my heart😔

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