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by SHINee (Minho)

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Lucifer 숨 을 곳도 찾지 못해 나는 피하려고 애써봐도 거부조차 할 수…
Stranger 낯선 그 얼굴로 다가왔던 첫눈에 모든 걸 빼앗겼던 난 변해버렸어 넌 모두 바꿔버렸어 오…

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Comments from YouTube:

m h

such a great SHINee track from 2013 --- so good !! By Teddy Riley


Thank you!!!! Sorry, I only just saw it >w<

Isabela Santos

Evil please ^3^


COuld you please do One Minute Back and Nightmare? Thank you in advance! ^^

Mariuxi Bermeo

there you go, one minute back: [AUDIO] SHINee(샤이니) - 1분만 (One Minute Back) (Instrumental w/ back up vocals)
i tried nightmare but i couldn't take the vocals out of the song bc it's a difficult song, a lot of backup vocals so yeah :c

Mariuxi Bermeo

lmao, sure thing bb


Could you please do Evil? I can't find one anywhere. ^^


I'm sorry. I didn't see the other comment until after I posted mine. It's okay. I was asking because I tried, too, and I couldn't get rid of all the vocals, too. Thanks though. :)

Mariuxi Bermeo

someone requested evil before and i tried but it's a difficult one :( i couldn't manage to take out the vocals completely so it kinda sounds the same to me :(


Medusa I please :c

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