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Why So Serious
by SHINee (Minho)

We have lyrics for 'Why So Serious' by these artists:

Alice Merton When did we forget All the crazy things that made us…
Aramide when I say that I don't care I really mean it this…
Devvon Terrell Why so serious Don't ever act like you don't get curious W…
Krizz Kaliko Fans take a picture of me grinning When I’m around women…
Krizz Kaliko Ft. DJSNT Fans take a picture of me grinning When I’m around women…
Mark T Friends we've been for so long. Now true colors are showing…
SHINee [Taemin] jajeong mak jinan saebyeok, jinheulg sok nun tteun …
Tha Joker [Heath Ledger Joker laugh) [) Why so serious? Why so seriou…
Tha Playah Where do we begin? I'm a man of my word Let's put…

We have lyrics for these tracks by SHINee (Minho):

Lucifer 숨 을 곳도 찾지 못해 나는 피하려고 애써봐도 거부조차 할 수…
Stranger 낯선 그 얼굴로 다가왔던 첫눈에 모든 걸 빼앗겼던 난 변해버렸어 넌 모두 바꿔버렸어 오…

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Comments from YouTube:

Alan Bokuno

Just remember how much we cried over this video, 'cause JH couldn't be on it.

It makes me feel so small rn

Moon Light

Why couldn't it be?

junhui the disrespect

@Vanessa Qiu he had a car accident, so he had to get nose surgery or smth like that

Vanessa Qiu

Pls remind me Why wasnt he in the vid? Totally forgot

Kim Kai

@pomu noo :((

junhui the disrespect

I'm on a SHINee marathon too

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ronella necosia

Who's still listening this song while Quarantine?

Yang Jeongin


NextStep Dance Crew

I'm watching all the MVs again and remembering how happy I was back then

Jonghoe Choi

ronella necosia Me 🙋🏾‍♀️

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