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Echoes Remix

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Comments from YouTube:


A testament to how Frank Klepacki cares more about the C&C comunity than EA ever did

Lulz Alfest

@hiraly kowalski man this did not age well given the CnC remaster by the original westwood team is out in a few days.

hiraly kowalski

EA don't cares about C&C or community at all
they just want to make money with that game and kill it when it lose popularity


+Rockethed1 Hardly an achievement; In many ways, it IS his 'baby'.
Consider how diffent Red Alert would be without Hell March blasting along, for example.


"We are thrilled to unveil this new track"
Aw yeah.
"a remix of Space Echo by none other than Frank Klepacki himself!"

Paladin Bloodmoon

Forget the nuke, we could acquire an Ion Cannon; it ONLY costs $73,618,546,501,249.95 (plus shipping + taxes)! An Ion Cannon wouldn't wreck the rest of the city, and it would instantly provide a suitable building site for the new Westwood Studios world headquarters building! BD

The Ugly Barnacle

People, let's just be a bit thankful that EA allowed C&C mods (standalone or otherwise) to exist. If they were like Nintendo with their Nazi policies on fan projects, NONE of them would exist - Twisted Insurrection, Mental Omega, Renegade X, RA: A Path Beyond, Shockwave, Rise of the Reds, Tiberium Essence... we would've never known these glorious mods.

I don't like EA for what they've done, but I'll give them credit for leaving the fans alone and letting them enjoy their passion via game modifications.

Strider_ Killer

There are no alies, in this matter. There can only be one, and that is West Wood, and all it's components.
There is one thing, though, before you go along and Nuke EA, extract the 'Good' games, like CRYSIS 1, and LAPD Future Cop. Even though they made bad decisions, in recent times, there is no reason to condemn their greatest works.
Send an engineer into the structure, we'll steal their old tech, and nuke the structure from orbit.
That way, their influence may be removed, form the planet.

Sibghatullah Butt

Fuck bethesda, fuck what they did to fallout.

Smoke Fumus

@***** Well there is a secure mission objective. To nuke EA headquarters.

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