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Packed Tight For a Slower Burn

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Comments from YouTube:

Henry Cruz

Utube is incredible for great advice and then there's advice like this.
Please remove this before someone listens to you.


Dangerous advice. Seal it from the bottom otherwise people will unknowingly use it.


You could always put a sign/note in the fireplace that warns people that its sealed from the top and not okay to use. Hang it on the damper and put it right where the logs would go.

Corey Binford

Hey gymfeever, It's easy to remove the sheet metal with a utility knife. Just force the blade in between the sheet metal and chimney flue and work your way around. All you need to do is slice through the caulk and the metal comes right off. If you plan on using your fireplace a lot - use a chimney flue top damper. They make it easy to use your fireplace whenever you want. All you need to do is pull a chain hanging from your fireplace.

Corey Binford

@californiamusic Thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any suggestions for other videos.

Olivier Gagnon

The only way this could be legal in most provinces (in Canada) is if you entirely remove the fireplace.

Dave Lloyd

Thanks! A fantastic way to seal off an inefficient chimney/fireplace!


yes if anything is conected to it DO NOT plug the top or co2 will come into the house and could kill you and it it has a fire place in it coverd over by dry wall make shure it was bricked up before the dry wall and if nothing is conected to it and its will never be used i would recomend to take it down atleast to under the roof line and pacth in the hole in the roof than it will never make a leak or problems down the road


You say that the chimney is an "airtight removable seal" does that mean that I can remove it if we sell the house? How hard is it to remove is so?

Jason Barlow

Corey, Quick Q -- My chimney cap actually fits just 'inside' the aperture of my round metal chimney opening; thus I can't place the cap back on once I seal the hole. I'm considering doing as you did in the video, only not replacing the cap, as it will no longer fit once the chimney is sealed. Any advice here? Thanks man.

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