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10. I rest and pray, motors break the silence of another…
Amici del Vento In un bosco d’orchidee hai giocato con l’amore di un ragazz…
Francesco De Gregori Donna giovane del Vietnam com'è strano coltivare il mare, …
John Prine You got everything that a girl should grow I'm so afraid…
Martha and the Muffins Limping in the hotel Hilton Spending days in old Saigon Wa…
Orchestra/Martin Koch In a place that won't let us feel In a life…
Paola Turci Donna giovane del Vietnam Come è strano coltivare il mare …
Sorriso Maroto Tantas palavras, meias palavras, Nosso apartamento, um peda…
Tim Maia Tantas palavras, meias palavras, nosso apartamento, um peda…

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Connor McLernon

My third cousin was the bassist for Saigon Kick from 1992 to 1997


of all the covers done of this song, I think Saigon Kick did it best.


sweet dreams wtf lol


+MrCarter'sRods absolutely.....i think,that it even tops the Original, if it wasn't ,that Bowie is Untoppable....just on an arrangement level


@anon user Ugh... Whatever.

anon user

+MrCarter'sRods I've been listening to covers of the song for the last hour here on You Tube. Most of them, like this one, leave much to be desired. The best thing about this version is the guitar. The vocals (especially in the beginning) don't cut it and it's too much of a mimic of the original. It's not BAD but it's not any better than a lot of the others. If you're gonna make it so close to the original (except the guitar) what's the point? Take a listen and lesson from 'Sweet Dreams' from Marilyn Manson to understand what I'm getting at.


+MrCarter'sRods absolutely......

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I actually heard this track BEFORE I even knew that this was a David Bowie track, and I must say, it's waaaaay better when done by Saigon Kick.  Thank you Jason!


Wow posted 6 years ago, and here I am again. Just love this track.

Calvin Blue

It's very similar to David Bowie.. very close.. even the vocals.. but there's one thing different.. it's more rock.. I love the rock riffs.. very well played..
I prefer this version to David Bowie's version for this reason as well as better sound quality than David's 1969's version..

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