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Comments from YouTube:

Ghost Samaritan

The similarities between the beliefs of Epicurus and Siddhartha Gautama is crazy.


They were from the same time too. Spooky.

Followyourideas (Aikido Shodokan)

Finally a fair analysis of epicureanism.


This definitely clarified Epicurean philosophy in a relatable way for me. I think a general understanding opens the door for honing the particulars (as some on the comments have gone into).
I look forward to seeing more of your creative approach. 😎🍏

Chasing Gods

Just found your channel! looking forward to watching :D

Otavio Oliveira

nicely put together and explained

Rose Black

Epicurus reminds me of ayn rand. Though I suppose, the reverse is actually true, with the former inspiring the latter. Interesting nonetheless.


Nicely explained!

Michael Robinson



Its interesting seeing that are obvious so often have formal philosophical names. Sure not many people even consider the questions that lead to some of them but once you look your work is basically done

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