Doves in the Wind
SZA Lyrics

Real niggas do not deserve pussy
Meaning it's more, you see right through walls
Ain't talkin' about pussy
Meaning you deserve the whole box of chocolates
Come at me
Forrest Gump had a lot goin' for him
Never without pussy
Y'know, Jenny almost gave it all up for him
Never even pushed for the pussy
Where's Forrest now when you need him?
Talk to me, talk to me
Hey, ay, hey
Attention, all you niggas
All you bitches

Sit back and relax your mind, just ride, just ride
Sit back and relax, you'll find just why, just why
Sit back, relax, just ease your mind, just ride
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Niggas'll lose they mind for it
Wine for it, dine for it (pussy)
Spend time for it, see no colored line for it (pussy)
Double back handicap and go blind for it (pussy)
Pussy got endless prisoners
Pussy always revengin' her
Pussy is calculating
And good pussy is rather dangerous
Pussy can be so facetious, the heavyweight champ
Pussy is so undefeated, let's amen to that
I mean, the pump fakes on the Facebooks
And the screw face when the bae look
Won't get you no pussy
I mean, the fake chains and the gold names
For insecure, gon' reassure you not to get pussy
You overcompensate too much for the pussy
You like to throw all kinda shade for the pussy
See, that's what pussy niggas do
I know the ways of a pussy, I see pussy lookin' at you
How many niggas get mistaken for clitoris in a day?
How many sentiments you make before runnin' pussy away?
How many times she gotta tell you that dick is disposable?
But if she fuck a young nigga like me, it's over for you
Solána, middle fingers up, speak your truth

You could never trivialize pussy
But a bum nigga like you would try it (pussy)
I know what you really 'bout
I hear your dick is weak, buddy
It's only replaced by a rubber substitute
We ain't feelin' you

Think I caught a vibe, kinda feel a nigga
You could touch the booty if you like, I ain't trippin' on ya
(Such a nice girl, SZA)
I'm really tryna crack off that headboard
And bust it wide open for the right one
'Cause you that one
Yeah, you that one
Like doves in the wind, hey, hey
That pussy like doves in the wind, hey, hey
Pussy like doves in the wind
I will make you beg for it
I wanna see you call out

Sit back and relax your mind, just ride
Sit back and relax, you'll find just why
(Dangerous boy, I wanted to do it all)
Sit back, relax, just ease your mind, just ride
(Unfortunately you couldn't get your shit together)
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We take things, and my influence so far, and then it's out of my hands
And, you know, while as I said it can be scary, it can also be a little bit comforting
Because I've learned that when I get to that point, and I can acknowledge
"Okay, Audrey, that's as much as you can do," I can actually let it

Lyrics © JL PUBLISHING GROUP, INC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Dana Stinson, James Dewitt Yancey, John Walter Bowman, Reggie Noble, Solana I. Rowe, Trevor Smith, Cameron Duane Osteen, Kendrick Duckworth

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i found this from tiktok and while the trend is meant to do good, it actually does the opposite of what the song is supposed to. this song is meant to normalize the word “pussy” and to show that it’s not weak, like how we use it. like we use “pussy” when someone shows fear or acts cowardly or weak. pussy is anything but that, i mean it can push a baby out of it and snap right back to its regular size. but anyway. this song is an ode to vaginas, that’s what sza and kendrick said. this song is supposed to show that pussies aren’t vulgar or supposed to be hidden or censored. she even blocks out “dick” in the line “highkey, yo d*** is weak, buddy!” to prove how used to dick everyone is but pussy has a stigma to it. in kendrick’s lines, he uses dick and pussy freely. in sza’s, she mostly uses pussy, and the one time she uses the word dick, is blocked (all of this was on purpose). this is all implying how women don’t have the right to talk freely about their sexuality/sex life, while men do it with no forcing of stigma OR repercussions.

(not this damn near blowing up💀💀)


@Lisa just because you're not willing to think critically about music doesn't mean it's a bad thing to do. Really it just means you're not much of a thinker. That's okay though! You just don't really have any right to tell people how to enjoy music.

A-A -L

Thank you for the facts I always wondered what the song was about


sza and kendrick are lyrical geniuses omg

Shav F

Thank you for explaining


@Mareme :] WRONG💀💀💀💀 but hey i have a thing for looking deep into things💃🏾

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i like how the title is the most gentle thing ever "doves in wind" but actually the song is mad raw

Chast Chast

@MR PROTAGONIST RATER y’all gonna just keep saying “the meaning is this” but not tell us? 😬😬

G8x2Keeper fan

Pussy comes for the word pusillanimous animus. Not vagina. That’s why before people called cats pussycat. It just got simplified later. How about instead of focusing a word empower women to the point where words don’t strike their confidence

Smash Productions

@majorelle oh, it’s something pretty dirty 👁👄👁

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