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SaToA Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Park' by these artists:

Dota und die Stadtpiraten Wir sitzen im Gras oder auf Decken und Tüchern Blicken weit…
Dustbox I'm in the park, oh sunny day I wanna do something…
Hunjiya ("Around 5 years? It was 5 or 4 years we…
Isaiah Rashad Mama I knew I was 'bout it Way before venue was…
Opeth/Blackwater Confessor Of the tragedies in man Lurking in the core of u…
Royal Crown Revue There's a place I know The wise guys go that's…
Samba De La Muerte I was thinking about disasters When I saw a bird fly The…

We have lyrics for these tracks by SaToA:

夢の島 夢を見るなら大人でも 諦めないで葉うまで あれも人生 これも人生 どんな人生? どうせ時間が同じなら 笑って生きれ …

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Comments from YouTube:

Jaime Brown

EVERYONE: Walibi just announced this is getting RMCed!


@Shizzi Bowden RMC stands for the company that is refurbishing the ride, Rocky Mountain Construction:-


Basement Dweller Rode Wilde beast at Canada’s wonderland on my 2018 coaster world tour - came off with black and blue bruises. I said a similar thing about that 😜

Shizzi Bowden

Tim Huizinga Ah, thank you very much!!

Tim Huizinga

Water Window it stands for Rocky mountain constructions, a company who builts and refurbished rollercoaster, like for example Steel Vengeance.

Shizzi Bowden

Sorry to be THAT guy, but what does RMC stand for? I mean, I can make a few assumptions (torn down or redone) but still-
Also, Account Name I love your pfp.

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El Bucherøn

Rip RH, welcom #Untamed !

David Plant

Vekoma = known for rough coasters
Wooden coasters = know for being rough

So why would anyone want to add the two together!?

Freggel daddy

@Panzer of the lake you predicted that one right

Panzer of the lake

Cuz two wrongs make a right

And possibly a future RMC

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