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The Burning Cross of Christ
by Sabbath Assembly

Moonlight falls upon the earth
Casts shadows filled with pain
Like a torch that burns my home away
A thousand hearts; here, burn them all
The past turns from stone to wood
Aflame, my search for lost love

The blackened sky shrieks hatred at the moon
Yet I, a feather in the smoke
Take my harbor in the sun
Charred to dust, a coal-filled mine of love
A dove rises on her wings
And charts her course straight into her dream

Lead me the burning cross of Christ
Give me water, save my life
All the earth is bathed in gold
Through the air my heart is sold to Him
As His spirit lays me down
I wish for another time to drown in Your flesh
Turn the wheel with ageless love
You on earth and me in heaven above

Plagued by gunshots all around
The girl, wounded, goes down
Bleeds her love into the trees
Soaks the roots, her tears on fallen leaves
Rise, o children of the dead
The spawn of blood now smoke in the air

From all that dwell below the skies
In spite of dungeon, fire, and sword
O how our hearts beat with joy
The heart of Christ still burning bright
For all that dwell below the skies
The cross of Christ still burning bright

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Damn this is beautiful

Sad & Useless George

Love that song

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