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I know I have good judgment, I know I have good taste
It's funny and it's ironic that only I feel that way
I promise 'em that you're different and everyone makes mistakes
But just don't
I heard that you're an actor, so act like a stand-up guy
Whatever devil's inside you, don't let him out tonight
I tell them it's just your culture and everyone rolls their eyes
Yeah, I know
All I'm asking, baby

Please, please, please
Don't prove I'm right
And please, please, please
Don't bring me to tears when I just did my makeup so nice
Heartbreak is one thing, my ego's another
I beg you, don't embarrass me, motherfucker
Ah, oh
Please, please, please (ah, ah, ah)

Well, I have a fun idea, babe (uh-huh), maybe just stay inside
I know you're craving some fresh air, but the ceiling fan is so nice (it's so nice, right?)
And we could live so happily if no one knows that you're with me
I'm just kidding, but really (kinda), really, really

Please, please, please (please don't prove I'm right)
Don't prove I'm right
And please, please, please
Don't bring me to tears when I just did my makeup so nice
Heartbreak is one thing (heartbreak is one thing), my ego's another (ego's another)
I beg you, don't embarrass me, motherfucker
Ah, oh
Please, please, please (ah, ah, ah)

If you wanna go and be stupid
Don't do it in front of me
If you don't wanna cry to my music
Don't make me hate you prolifically
Please, please, please (please)
Please, please, please (please)

Please (please), please (please), please

Overall Meaning

In the song "Please Please Please" by Sabrina Carpenter, the lyrics delve into the nuanced emotions and insecurities that come with navigating a relationship where the singer is constantly questioning their partner's actions. The opening lines reflect a sense of self-assurance and confidence in the singer's own judgment and taste, yet it is juxtaposed with the underlying doubt and uncertainty in their partner's intentions. Despite believing in the partner's potential for change and acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes, there is a plea to avoid falling into destructive patterns.

The singer urges their partner to maintain a facade of decency, especially in social situations where the partner's true nature may be revealed. The reference to the partner being an actor reinforces the idea of putting on a performance or a front to conceal any negative traits. The singer attempts to justify the partner's behavior by attributing it to their upbringing or culture, despite the eye-rolls of others, showing a desire to protect the partner's image while grappling with their own internal doubts.

The chorus of "Please, please, please" serves as a desperate plea for the partner not to validate the singer's suspicions and fears. There is a fear of being proven right, of having one's trust betrayed, and the potential emotional fallout that comes with it. The juxtaposition of heartbreak and ego highlights the different layers of vulnerabilities at play in the relationship, with a raw plea to not be embarrassed or hurt by the partner's actions.

The later verses introduce a playful yet slightly sarcastic tone as the singer suggests staying indoors to avoid potential pitfalls outside. The notion of living happily if their relationship remains hidden highlights the complexities of societal expectations and the pressure to maintain a certain facade. The repeated pleas serve as a refrain throughout the song, echoing the singer's internal conflict and the delicate balance of hoping for the best while fearing the worst in their relationship. The final lines of the song emphasize the need for boundaries and self-preservation, urging the partner to be mindful of their actions and the impact they have on the singer's emotional well-being.

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Jack Michael Antonoff, Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter, Amy Rose Allen

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"dont bring me to tears when I just did my makeup so nice" - Sabrina 2024, truest statement ever


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