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Sad Idiots Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


If Zach can be called hot ankles kornfeld Keith can be known as hotpants habersburger

Emma MacDonald

Love this


@Lisseth Barrantes 😂😂😂😂😂

Lisseth Barrantes

Omg girl yes 😂😂

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Tristana Keauna

I bet Keith's shorts are actually fine, and Miles is just messing with him lol


Of course

Anastasia McMahon

Same thoughts lol..


Oh I wouldn't be surprised yet this is awesome 😂

r goodfellow

He crossed his legs and it’s still blurred over his knee. 😆

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I personally think it's about time you guys blurred Keith's knee. This is finally the first pod I'm finally able to pay attention to without sensual distraction

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