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simple solid two
Sad Idiots Lyrics

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What’s your favorite song that uses bass chords?


Rotten apple Alice in chains !

Jimmy Lewis

Still of the night. The breakdown in the middle is awesome. He's using a fivestring, and it's killer.

FacePunch 0

Anything developed by Justin Chancellor enchants me 😅


Watermelon man fo sho


Cykady na cykladach

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Small thing, but I really appreciate you making these vids on a Squier Jazz Bass and not some $5,000. Showing folks it's not just the gear that makes you sound and play well.

Alan Thomas

I concur. I'm jonesing for that Squier Jazz.

Vintage Vinyl Vets

Totally agree, it’s a realistic point of view. most beginners are starting on a Squier bass.🎧

rory clynes


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