Sage Francis, Voice Mail Bomb Threat: We need your help!

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Voice Mail Bomb Threat
by Sage Francis

[Female Automated Voice]
From phone number
5-1-7 4-4-9 Number Number Number
Received at 2 AM

[Record Voice]
Hey just checking in man
How is 15 minutes of fame was going?
You know how you released that fucking *Personal Journals* and it was hot?
Yea, it's not anymore
You're fucking bull shit
Fucking emcee with a fucking CD player
Yea come to my town...
Yea give me all your [?} how your going to skull fuck me
We're fucking scared dude
Come to fucking Detroit
The next time you're routed..
Straight up I'm going to meet you with 100 boys ready to fucking kill you, you fuck
Seriously you threaten me and my family, I fucking kill you
Straight up
You fucking piece of shit dude
Rhyme fucking
Oh the most generic fucking dirt literally with [?]
It's nothing now, it used to be hot
Enjoy your fucking 15 minutes of three fame
You piece of shit, I'll fucking kill you
Seriously, you call me again I'll fucking kill you
Rock Detroit, Rock Flint, Rock Kalamazoo, Rock Lancing
You find you way shit
Seriously dude you're fucking nothing
I'll fucking roof your shit apart, bitch
Out. [fading echo]

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Cheche Garcia

on Buckets Of Silence

I never held a funeral for that big part of me that died.
I need to put these thoughts to rest. i need to find a peace of mind.
I need to piece my mind, find a piece of mind to rest in.
need to find someone to confide in, and with the rest i need to start restin'.
needless to say, i couldn't hide.
fifteen grown men shouldn't cry.

Cheche Garcia

on Message Sent

I've got some letters inside of my drawer
that should have been stamped and delivered
One is addressed to my ex
it says I'm the type of kid who can't be lived with
One is addressed to my friends
it says I'm a mess so y'all can't visit
One is addressed to myself
but I don't know what personality or hand to give it