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by Sahara

When you wake up in the morning
got the daylight in your eye
do you feel that the sun is warming
up your body as you lie
still in your bed
you're just feeling fine
'cause you got your lady by your side
she is your pride

See her lying there beside you
like an angel looks her face
full of dreams she'll never tell you
if she did she would lose her grace
she is a dreamer
don't ever ask her 'bout her dreams
even if she loves you so
she would rather go

Never try to strip your lady's mind
or try to arrange that she is just your kind
if you really love that girl
more than everything in the world
let 'em be the circles of her mind

So when you wake up one morning
and find out that your baby's gone
you didn't hear the warning
that I tried to give you in this song
you are a dreamer
never tried to understand
that all she needed was a guiding friend
not a bending hand

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