Sajama Cut Lyrics

The piss, the puissant, and a crowded street
Dejected, lost, but a crumpled meat
The night caresses but it never kiss
Like taking children out to sink by sea

I know I'm right. But I feel like I'm wrong. I know I'm trying, but I feel like I'm not, and I know
I'm making my way out of town
You won't see me now
I'm breaking away out of now
Aghast the king's tried a crystal queer crime, a notion, then a malicious deer
A cuss it quavers down the language shoos
To live and fight a war you know you'll lose

I know I'm wrong. But I feel like I'm right. I know I'm not, but I feel like try, but I know

Dime novel speak for "tide and lone beach"
Adapting the kitsch a fabulist needs
A scholar aloud: "Diamond in heat"
I kid; the condescending legal lies
They constantly save kings and…
Christ, I know

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Comments from YouTube:

rusdi ridjal

cool clip, music and lyric.."..I know..I'm breaking away out of now.." sukses buat SC

Muhammad Falen

Ini lagu dah di iphone dr kapan tau. Baru ngeh kalo ini band dr Indonesia. Luar biasa brader


Sukses teruss, good music,

Bang Jackboel chanel

marcel thee emang,bang reunian dong sm personil album pertama.....hehe


still listening to this. kapan maen lagi ya sajama cut :(

dedy Setiawan


Sajama Cut

Tahun ini

Tegar Irsyad

lagu jaman balik SMA, nostalgic


kok sepii komen ni video padahal keren loh!! bantul aja deh sundul aja deh

Ari Ricardo

tenang denger lagu ini 😍

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