I Am Down
Salt-N-Pepa Lyrics

(Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control
The party is over at twelve o'clock
So whatever has to be done, has to be done right about now
And I say, Spinderella, are you with me?
Salt and Pepa, are you with me?)

I am down
To take it or to break it on the mic all night
Cuz I'm Salt everybody, yeah, Salt
I'm the Pepa everybody, the Pepa
Come see the three
Young ladies in the fellas' fantasies
Cuz we will be trendsetters to all MC's

Yeah, that's right, Money, this one's for you
Special dedication to the NYC crew
We didn't change much as you can see
And the beats are still hyped up by Hurby
In the house, crowds are packin'
They're all glad to see us back in step
Now flip if you oppose it, don't sweat it
I'm talkin' to those that's with it
This beat is strong not feable
Worse than ???, it's evil YOU SHOWED ME

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Comments from YouTube:


Still know all the words.

Kira S

Me too!!! And I'm surprised that I do!! I ain't heard it in years because its so obscure

Valerie Fontnel

C WM. Me too😀
My kids looking at me like I'm crazy...lol

Tony Gates

damn i havent heard this since i was in the 4th grade and that was between 86-87. i remember taking this off the radio and it was perfect no dj talking over it at the end. Its not on any of the albums

anu begining

It was a "B" side single.... One of my favs


I taped it off soul train

Drew Mura

Michael El it was on hurbys cd the cover above!

Joseph Mccall

Yes was released as a single got massive play on the west coast still got it on vinyl

Michael El

i recorded this off the radio too haha salt n pepa was still new in cali and everybody kept playin push it then when I played this song on my memorex cassette tape they were like you gotta let me borrow that! I was like sorry homie you gotta get your own lol

Tauria Raynor

That was my jam 1988!!! Lived it!!!

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