High On You
Sam Bisbee Lyrics

I was high on you
And there was nothing I could do
Now I've come down, all I have is the ground
You're not anywhere in sight
I'm up all night
Wonder what went right then went so wrong
It's been too long
Come on, you used to shoot me up and now you just shoot me down
Are you ever going to come around?
Need the sound of your voice and the touch of your hand
Do you understand? Why am I not your man?
I got high on you, you made me so drunk
You filled the ocean up all around me and did I float?
No, I just sunk

Every waking night
We turn to a sleepless day, I only see what you took away
My friends all come to try to get me to let them in
I say, I'll never have my fill again
What's the point in continuing?
Sweep the door shut
And the bills in a pile
I guess I'll just stare at the wall for a while
I'd walk barefoot through fire for miles to you
Wondering if when you hooked me you already knew
That we were through
I was high on you
I was high on you

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