Mass Effect Theme
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J Brian Terry

I just want to say that the main melody of this piece of music, starting at 1:19, IS what Mass Effect music is to me. Having ME3 and now ME:A not include this melody in the main theme of those games just is a mistake in my opinion. I like the score of ME:A, but it doesn't feel like a Mass Effect score. It feels more like a Dragon Age score to me for some reason. Anyway - I miss this theme, Sam. I hope someday you can bring it back in future installments of Mass Effect....


it does play at the very end of mass effect 3 if you have the extended cut installed


I just wanted to let you know that I put Uncharted Worlds on repeat when ever I do my Physics work at university. Amazing work.


Amazing game, amazing soundtrack. Music is easily 50% of the experience.


Love the ME theme music. Always make go into a trance like state and i just star into nothingness. Heh!. Wouldnt mind having a longer version of tho. =P


You did 1, Wall did 2, are you 2 gonna do a combination for the main theme on three?


Ooooooh, this is really cool!


Awesome, awesome stuff. Keep up the good work for ME3.


By any chance is there a way for me to download an MP3 file of this particular version of the song?


Yeah, there's hints of that too. Too many themes from Mass Effect, I get confused with names...

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