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Uncharted Worlds
Sam Hulick Lyrics

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@Binam Nami I think Starfield will be great, but Skyrim in space isn't the same thing as a spiritual successor to Mass Effect. They'll have to create characters that are so endearing and interesting, with just enough edge to make them feel real. They'll have to tell a story like no other. They'll have to do such a fantastic job at world building (literary world building, not physical game-world) that people wish it were real.

I just don't see that with Starfield. What I see instead is an exploration game that blows your mind every new location you get to but the aliens will be just alright, the story will be very good, but not instant classic good. The gameplay will be a blast, the replayability will be off the charts, but the characters will be... well bethesda-esque. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to write home about either.

Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim took two different paths in 2011 to become two of the greatest games every made, but the differences in genre wasn't what made them different. It was the how they excelled at very different yet in many ways nearly equally important gaming elements.

With Mass Effect, learning about it's cultures, getting to know it's people, and enjoying the story were far and away the best things about the game, and no one has even come close before or since.

With Skyrim exploring, enjoying the view, and finding all the different ways to experience the game that in every other way was just a solid game, as well as the modding scene were what made it one of the best ever.

They're two of my favorite games of all time, but for very different reasons, and I'm happy with that too because they're just not easily comparable.

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Finally got around to uploading a 10 hour version :)


You're fucking insane. Nice!


I play this whenever I use Google Maps

Life of Artyom

Sadly Google does not recommend the use of kinetic barriers at altitudes over 85km :(


This is the best idea I've read so far in a YouTube comments section.

M Francois

hahah this is so funny

C H A N E L. g

LMAOOOOO I love it😂😂😂

Chris M

Probe launched

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This is the main theme of Mass Effect as far as I'm concerned.


@Grenadeh ?

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