Adagio For Strings
Samuel Barber Lyrics

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@Edvard Bolaas

 @Edvard Bolaas 
Such absolutistically superior view of your genre preferance vs other musical genres and thus music listeners who prefer them.🙄
I can understand you may not like them,but damn,such a... fanatical viewpoint.

That aside,try Nobuo Uematsu(don't worry it is neither rock or pop) .
And yes it is Orchestra , though I am unsure how well can Youtube compresion deliver music to what I assume is an audiophile :
- 23minutes
- 5 minutes
- little over 1h
This 1 might be best to start with.

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Vitakinesis - Biokinesis W

This music is so spiritual, I feel like my soul has left my body.

Stace Strace

This song does feel like - surrender - as in letting go of this life, just gentle surrender…

Raymar :D


Dimitri Degraeve

​@Dillon Fall Do you realy missunderstood ?

Dillon Fall

Wtf lmao

Dimitri Degraeve

Try to catch it before diying ! :o

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A minute of silence for the people who tried to search for this song but had no idea what they should type so they never found it


@Wil Andren yeah but you're here. they are not

Wil Andren

Classical music that starts of slow, strings. First onr


I have faith they will find it, even if it takes years. I have had songs that I lost for years like that; but it never left my mind.

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