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Adagio for Strings
by Samuel Barber

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Arthur Lecomte

I think I was five when I was aware of hearing this piece for the first time. It was my mom's favorite piece, so every time it was played on the radio we would call her to come. I remember seeing her listening to this, with a face full of emotions I could not understand yet. She once told me that this piece made her think of what would come after this life here on earth. She imagined that the climax stood for leaving this earth and entering heaven. She always said that if she would ever die, we had to play this on her funeral.

I was nine years old when I stood by her bed. There she lay with her white face. 41 years on this earth, until cancer suddenly finished the job. I remember sitting in the church, her coffin right in front of me, hearing this piece of music, feeling emotions I could not understand yet.

Nina Grebnewa

I first heard this when I learned about my mom's cancer few years ago....she passed away on may 8th......this music does help me think about eternity

Luna chan

so sorry for your mom, hugs <3

Chris H

I´m so sorry for your lost. I just can´t imagine loosing my mother...but one day I´ll have to face this situation. Wish you all the best Arthur!!!

Janusz Siodmiak

This is very emotional. Thank you

Daniel Sánchez

I always end up crying reading those texts... I'm so sorry for you.

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“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one.”

Praise No-thing

@Micheal Joe mama sometimes..yes.


luke That's not a catch 22 there's no parodoxical statement lmao


Christina Reynolds Tbh if there's any lesson "God" would want us to learn before or after death is that he cannot control us nor contain us in a illusion like hell unless (1) believe in it or (2) believe you should belong there our spirit is infinite. Heaven is just what eternity after death is when your spirit is free from the Earth.
I grew up religious so no point in arguing🤷🏻‍♂️🙃

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