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Don't Hurt Me
by Sanctuary Rig

I know who you are
I know who you are
You've taken me over
We've travelled so far
You were all I lived for
And my only care
But now it's all over
This hopeless affair
And all I hear is my own breathing
And my head is running wild
You've taken all my memories
I'm just a little child—don't hurt me!

You promised me freedom
But poisoned my life
I made you my master
You buried the knife
You thought that you owned me
But you were so wrong
You preyed on my weakness
But I grew up strong
And all I hear is my own breathing
And my head is running wild
I've got you by the throat now
So where's your little child?—won't hurt me!

Now I am the master
Now I make the rules
I'm not your possession
Not one of your fools
I no longer need you
Though I still bear your scar
I've seen right, right through you
I know who you are!
And all you hear is your own breathing
And your head is running wild
You're just a distant memory
You're just a little child—can't hurt me!

And so, old friend, it's come to this
The Jesus cloak, the Judas kiss
With studied precision you set out your stall
Sold us a lie and made fools of us all
And now, ten years on, you think you're still bad to the bone?
Just an empty voice, empty threats, on the end of a telephone
A sad spectre lurking in a darkened doorway
Well, we can play that if you like, you can have it your way

See, you've been away, old son, and I've grown
I take care of myself, I look out for my own
I can hold up my head, and I don't need you
There's nothing for you here, go find another cheap slag to screw
Is that the only way that you can get your kicks?
A manipulation addict, gagging for a fix
But it's your last cheap ticket, your last head-fuck
You've exhausted my patience, my love and your luck

If I were you, sunshine, I'd stay right away
Or come back to the manor, and deal with The Blade
You're laughing now, pal, but you'll get yours
Your shame lasts as long as this endures

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