Come Round Soon
Sara Bareilles Lyrics

I could use another cigarette.
But don't worry daddy, I'm not addicted yet.
One too many drinks tonight and I miss you,
Like you were mine

Your stormy words have barely broken
And you sound like thunder though you've barely spoken
Oh, it looks like rain tonight and thank God,
Cause a clear sky just wouldn't feel right.
He's taken and leaving but I keep believing
He's gonna come round soon
Till I see him again I'm staying believing
That it won't be deceiving when he's gonna come round soon.

You may be my final match.
'Cause I chase everything when you play throw and I play catch
It never took much to keep me satisfied
But all this bullshit you feed me you miss me you need me
This hungry heart will not subside


Well I may seem naive if I cry as you leave like I'm just one more tortured heart
But baby don't be fooled.
Cause these cracks that I show as I'm watching you go aren't tearing me apart
And I know I'll see you soon

The angels said I'd smile today. Aw well who needs angels anyway?


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Rebecca Christina

When she hits that note....instant worship


i love sara so much, my music teacher just said i can use this song in my lessons to teach me to hit her c6 note. It is the only high note song i wanted to sing.

Jin K Slate

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Angad Singh

Well did you?


Hands down one her best songs vocally

Chris Wells

Wow! I just found one of her songs and she's amazing! She's a little like Imogen Heap, only she doesn't play around with techno-like sounds, its all vocal work. I have to say, her perspective adds to the jazzy way she sings, this is great!


"these cracks that i show as im watching you go arent tearing me apart." i love that line.


Great timing with the lyrics. Awesome.


I love this song!! Thanks for the lyrics, it really helps me to learn the words. :p


this is a great song!love listening to it!!!

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