Don't Go Away
Sarah Camille Lyrics

I know you were hurt
I know you are in pain
I'd try it differently if I could do it again
But that's okay
Tomrorow is another day
But all I'm saying is don't go away

There is a light
There is a way
There is a place where you can stay
Don't be deceived
Don't be dismayed
'Cause all I'm saying now is don't go away

I just had a thought
Something that should be taught
Something that I should say
Because ev'ry evening
Think of what we should be achieving
We think of what we should pay

We think we're better than them
But we're exactly the same
Because in God's eyes we're equal in this life game

Don't leave him and me
There's something you cannot see
Something that's in His eyes
You're a precious gem
Worth as much as them
That's just something that you don't realize
So don't go away

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