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Audrey's Christmas Rewind
Sarah Jeffery Lyrics

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53. Queen of Mean I'm so tired of pretending Where's my happy ending? I follo…
Break This Down It's time to bring together Time for a brand new start We…
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday t…
Queen of Mean I'm so tired of pretending Where's my happy ending? I follo…
Rotten to the Core They say I'm trouble, they say I'm bad Fire in my…
Suffer Hope it hurts, hope it hurts real bad I hope it…

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Descendants Girls

Audrey You’re Our Queen

Descendants Girls

We Love It

Audrey Bertha

I ❤️My Song

Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Romanian Mapper


All the decorations and the lights up on the tree
Gifts in celebration for our friends and family
Looking back now I regret being.. a tad extreme
When Christmas comes around,
Will it forget the "Queen of Mean"?

I see a whole lotta nothing
Stuffing my stockings
Ain't nobody shopping for me

Taking the crown was an error
I wanted to wear it
But I was not the fairest, you see..

I was jealous, spelling the VK'S
I ruined Jane's birthday
And coveted the throne

So I took Maleficent's scepter
Locked Chad în the closet,
And turned my friends to stone

Just give me a chance to reverse it,
I don't deserve this!
I was going outta my mind
Now they're gonna cancel my Christmas,
How 'bout forgiveness?
Everything is gonna be fine

Just gotta rewind (Rewind)

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Angelica Judit

I feel that at last they just recognize Sarah Jeffery's talent I feel that she finally shines Alone and is magnificent

Alexus Cabanyog

🤍White Kitties🤍


Ysabelle Carmen Villarin


Anny Lorena Perez Carrera

Y claro claro mi mejor amiga


One thing is for sure: Sarah Jeffery was just perfect as a villain ❤

Unicorn br

@Allison ik This question wasn't for me but my favorite characther is audrey and Mal

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