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Le Ray au Soleyl
Sarah Jeffery Lyrics

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53. Queen of Mean I'm so tired of pretending Where's my happy ending? I follo…
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Queen of Mean I'm so tired of pretending Where's my happy ending? I follo…
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Suffer Hope it hurts, hope it hurts real bad I hope it…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Christopher Tsiliacos

Le ray au soleyl qui dret som karmeyne
En soy braçant la douce tortorelle,
Laquel compangnon onques renovelle,
A bon droit sembla qeu en toy perfect regne.

The ray of sunlight, in whose true enchantment
sleeps the sweet turtledove – in his embrace –
ever rejuvenating that beloved one
faithfully makes his appearance in your perfect kingdom.
(Trans. John Fleagle) :)

All comments from YouTube:

Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

Hi lovely people! Apologies for the confusion - I set the video to go online automatically but I'm spending a few days with family and forgot to update the descriptions etc.. so I took it offline for a brief moment to update it all, with a sleeping toddler on my lap ;) Now all is online again and back to normal! I hope you enjoy 😘


We definitely have to discourage that image of medieval centuries as a "dark age". It is, in fact, the brightest age for Europe in which our philosophy, art, music, mathematics, awesome cities and universities flourished....

Adam J not the congressman Schiff


Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

Exactly, it’s amazing! So complex and beautiful..

Gary Bridgham

The technicalities of this piece are way beyond me, (I cannot keep time even on a simple melody) but I greatly enjoyed your decription of how it all flows and works together. This is the way I imagined that music works and you showed me it is so. Thank you very much for posting.

Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

Hi Gary, that’s so nice to hear! Glad to hear it appeals to musicians at different levels and the music still comes through ☺️

Liam Coleman

I've been playing this since you first introduced it to us a few years ago. It's great fun.

Zijde Zacht

Thanks once again for an intriguing score. Now I'm all set up to practice it. Perfect package!


I picked up the recorder as a way to learn to sight read music at the beginning of lockdown and have really enjoyed myself so far, thanks in no small way to Team Recorder. This will now become my 'Holy Grail' something to aim for. It may take quite a while but I'm sure the journey will be fun🙂

Rainer Thiele

Scince I heard it first on "constellations" I like this piece very much. After download I practiced instantly. Practice version and tracks with metronome clicks are very helpful. First rehearsal with friends gave a little horror and dispair, but at the end of the second .... WOW! So we share your enthusiasm for this wonderful piece of music. Thank you so much for that.

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