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O Virgo Splendens
Sarah Jeffery Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sarah Jeffery:

53. Queen of Mean I'm so tired of pretending Where's my happy ending? I follo…
Break This Down It's time to bring together Time for a brand new start We…
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday t…
Queen of Mean I'm so tired of pretending Where's my happy ending? I follo…
Rotten to the Core They say I'm trouble, they say I'm bad Fire in my…
Suffer Hope it hurts, hope it hurts real bad I hope it…

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Comments from YouTube:

Voices of Music

Team recorder rocks.

High int Low wis

*Team recorder baroques ;)

Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

😍 you guys rock too! Let me know if you’re every in Amsterdam 😊

Lorna Kook

Who would thumbs down this?? Absolutely beautiful! 🎼💪🏻🎼

Aliya S

This is so beautiful! When the singing comes in, I was like, wow, beautiful.


This is so amazing! I started playing the recorder recently mainly because i would love to play some medieval tunes, but you are showing me so many new ways and styles that i have never heard of. I have to learn this!*
*Someday when im good enough :)

Vasili Stan

Wait, is she playing two notes at the same time???
What sorcery is this!!!

Jacob Newman

Vasilil Stan you’s looking for opportunity of book? Google +

Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

mua ha ha ha ha

Robert Mannarelli

Time to play age of empires or medieval 2! 🏰
My gosh this is so amazing! Album sold! ☺️🤗

Omgosh! I didn’t know I could get a signed copy! I’m fan girling pretty hard rn. Musicians like you is what inspires me and shows me how amazing music can be! Time to practice on my recorder now 😁

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