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Ricercare Alla Bastarda
Sarah Jeffery Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sarah Jeffery:

53. Queen of Mean I'm so tired of pretending Where's my happy ending? I follo…
Break This Down It's time to bring together Time for a brand new start We…
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday t…
Queen of Mean I'm so tired of pretending Where's my happy ending? I follo…
Rotten to the Core They say I'm trouble, they say I'm bad Fire in my…
Suffer Hope it hurts, hope it hurts real bad I hope it…

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Comments from YouTube:

Rainer Thiele

Hi, Sarah, this turorial came out one year ago. Happy anniversary! I love to listen to this piece on the CD and it'll be my next challenge on tenor recorder. R.


You're such a great teacher! I love that you give options on how to play the piece and encourage adding our own ornamentation. And your recorder sounds like butter. Delicious!

Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

Thanks all for your kind words! But I can’t do much about my accent, glad you all like it ;)

Christopher Tsiliacos

And it’s not only what she says but how she says it in her own inimitable entertaining British accent. These tutorials just wouldn’t be the same if Sarah were to teach them using a phony mundane American accent. 😉 ♫

werdelit99 (Aga)

Yes agree! Fantastic lesson! Thamk you!


Beautiful piece Sarah - well done! *Idea for a future video ... review the different sheet music editions of the six Handel sonatas: what are the main differences between the editions, which in your opinion is the best and / or most authentic and what factors influenced your opinion / decision? Thank you!

Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

Ooh really nice idea Cecilia! Thanks for the tip!

William Giddings

Lovely sounding instrument. It looks really slick too, great piece of kit!

Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder

I love it! Stephan Blezinger is the best ❤️

Tony Angel

I am slightly confused. I have always treated recorders as being concert pitched instruments, where as in this piece that is not the case. The opening theme starts of the note G, but what is sounded is a concert D. I used to play the descant and the treble recorders, learning the two sets of fingering. I also when playing Baroque Oboe works I would sometimes swap to the treble (alto) recorder for the slower quieter movements.

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