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A Divided Land
Sarah Schachner Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sarah Schachner:

Ragnarok Geyr nú Garmr mjök fyr Gnipahelli, festr mun slitna en freki…

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Comments from YouTube:


One of the best AC Tracks, ever. We all love Jesper but this is absolutly breathtaking!


and now they both worked together in Valhalla. they are truly AMAZING!

Josue Toledo

@Mulisak I even would dare to say that just from 0:18 you can hear the similarities. Is amazing!

Odysseas R

@Erwan Vilain idiot, istanbul was in revelations

Erwan Vilain

one of the best is Istanbul from AC2


Yep, she said it often in her interviews.

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Khánh Bảo Đoàn

Ubisoft caught me off guard with Shadya.
I never would have thought.

Princess Roxy Vincenzo

@MinecraftMiner59Mineboymineslow Cringe because I said warrior rage? You need to chill brother.


@Princess Roxy Vincenzo cringe

Princess Roxy Vincenzo

After Shadya's death, my warrior rage take control over me and I had no mercy for her killer.

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