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Bayek of Siwa
Sarah Schachner Lyrics

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Sarah Schachner is amazing, destined to become one of gaming's truly amazing composers.


Definately. Im dodging spears and sliding down pyramids every time the beat kicks in

Martin Aslaksen

@Dean Chipstick AND Einar from vikings, match made in heaven

Ajit More

Love from India 🇮🇳 she's broken the genre specific music. Her music has a good texture, environment specific tones and versatile

Dean Chipstick

I got so excited when she was announced to be working on Valhalla along with Jesper Kyd. Those 2 legends working together? Can't wait for the soundtrack.


Just like toby fox...

Vishanthfishy .R

Three MVP Assassin's
Bayek - Created the Assassin order
Altair - Built the foundation of the assassin order
Ezio - reformed the assassin order

Lorenzo Negri

Connor: ChArLeS LeEeE!1!1


@Abdul Shah Exactly my three favorites as well

Abdul Shah

@RogueAssassin Imo

1. Altair
2. Bayek
3. Ezio

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