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Sarah Schachner Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sarah Schachner:

Ragnarok Geyr nú Garmr mjök fyr Gnipahelli, festr mun slitna en freki…

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Andrew Kennedy

Bayek: Egypt has fallen. Greece also. And Rome will fall too. All will fall to the creed. Yet no one will know.

Aya: When we assassinate, we assassinate only those who deserve it. The few sick souls who try to control us... but they will never know who we are. Cold, calculated poets of the kill.

Bayek: I am fine with this. I am not a father anymore. I am not a husband. I am not a Medjay. I am a Hidden One.

Aya: Yes... We are the Hidden Ones.

Bayek: We sharpen our blades... and pull what hope is left from this foul earth.

Aya: Good, Bayek of Siwa. What are you of Now?

Bayek: A new creed. Ours is finished.


AC I - Redemption
AC II - Revenge
AC: Brotherhood - Justice
AC: Revelation - Answers
AC III - Freedom
AC IV - Glory
AC Rogue - Betrayal
AC Unity - Love
AC Syndicate - Family
AC Origins - Beginnings
AC Odyssey - Identity

Jack Byrne

Unpopular opinion here, but to me AC Origins is the best game in the franchise.

A smaller first point, its map is easily one of the most beautiful of the series, and even videogame maps in general. Even in the end of its days when the game takes place, Ancient Egypt was a mightly cradle of civilisation whose influences spanned most of the known world, and whose are still even felt today. This essence is captured perfectly within the beautiful design of the game, and leaves you truly immersed in this golden age from a time long since gone.

Secondly, while his plot is somewhat on the simple side, Bayek is a fantastic protagonist who perfectly balances the two archetypes of Assassins from previous games in the series, correcting the flaws of each in the process. Before Origins, Assassin's were either joking funnymen who were simply too upbeat to shed a tear over their backstories (Jacob, Edward, Ezio) or stoic avengers lacking in character and therefore hard to truly come to like (Connor, Arno, Altair).

Bayek manages to be both of these, allowing us as the player to both empathise with and like him in a way that could never be done with previous series protagonists. We smile when we see his soft side around children and Aya, laugh at his humourous remarks as he reacts to those around him in need of help, and yet with his near-genuine releases of rage as he takes revenge upon his sons murderers, voice acted perfectly by the incredibly talented Abubakar Salim, we also feel his pain as a sonless father in a way that is almost spiritual. Topped off with his signature blessing line of 'May the Hidden One greet you, the Lord of the Duat awaits', and we have all the right ingredients that are needed in order to make the last Medjay of Egypt the fantastic, fully fleshed-out character that he is.

Anyway, I could go on for ages about what more I love about this game, but I think you get the point. It truly went above and beyond my expectations at bringing the AC franchise back to its roots, and I can only hope more equally brilliant games are released that follow up in future.

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Space Game

Bayek is so legendary that someone told the story of bayek of siwa in assassin creed valhalla

Artem Chyornyj

@luckylad The first civilization is isu civilization that ended 77 000 years ago, not any human civilization


In assassins creed 2 minerva says that the chaos started with the first civilization i think it's egypt

Inferno Saiyan

Are you foreal.?

Tamsha Pradhan


Artem Chyornyj

@Vladdie the laddie Then you are wrong

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The Basitin Engineer

If there's one character that deserves a trilogy, it's Bayek of Siwa, an amazing character, this game reminded me of the older/better AC games

Lukas Z


vlad the inhaler

Yeh man Ubisoft literally just threw Edward and bayek on the bin fuck you ubisoft

Majin Muu

@Willie he had 2.5 i say .5 as revelation was his half of the story and the ds game altair chronicles

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