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Legions of Blood
Sarah Schachner Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sarah Schachner:

Ragnarok Geyr nú Garmr mjök fyr Gnipahelli, festr mun slitna en freki…

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Comments from YouTube:


Awesome playing as Bayek of Rivia in this game

AlexBS94 rex

Bayek of siwa


Yuwan bayek is nothing like geralt what are you on about not even the story, gameplay is similar to Witcher they are both good games


Yuwan no shit


@Master of shemes the theme gives us witcher vibes. That's why. The game itself for me doesn't remind me of witcher.

Master of shemes

I now what the joke is about, Bayek is a geralt Clone, that´s why?

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Glad they kept the feel of the previous games in it!


AC2/ACB running theme.


I imagined Bayek getting caught in the middle of a vast fotress, alarms are raised and every guard comes running after him intending to kill him. He tries to fight them off and escape but the numbers are too great Bayek is tricked, cornered, assaulted, trapped and nearing death but he still fights and eludes fate and all odds. Some shots of Senu flying majestically above trying to find some routes or spot incoming danger she could even risk attacking a guard so close to killing Bayek helping him as much as possible. It didn't even need to be word by word it could be anything really cinematic, full of suspensful action packed epicness. This would be the perfect track for something like this.

But no no I guess a guy swinging his chained swords in circles over and over is muuuuuuch more fitting...-_-


@a so Lute Yup :>

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