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Return of the Medjay
Sarah Schachner Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sarah Schachner:

Ragnarok Geyr nú Garmr mjök fyr Gnipahelli, festr mun slitna en freki…

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Comments from YouTube:

Pratik Kumar

Still can't believe that this is from a game! Truly masterpiece.


@Pratik Kumar it’s because you said you “can’t believe it’s from game”, so i though you were implying that most game soundtracks are shit

Pratik Kumar

@Assassin I don't think so.
for me a good music is good music, no matter where it is belongs to.


Lol what does that mean, game soundtracks are shit?

Mohammad Nawaz

sounds like some music in a movie that has some next budget, so much hard work has gone into this

L ᴏ ᴅ i i

When a phylake yells "MEDJAY" i feel this song and we both just duel it out in the desert of Qattara

Nic Anastasi

Sounds badass


@J I feel like that should be canon now

Fuck now I want that to happen-




Felt this. Was clearing a camp and forgot they called reinforcements earlier. A phylake came by and chased me from the camp, into a river. Started fighting him there but he got a good hit in and almost 1 shot me because I’m playing on hard, so I ran a bit into the desert beyond the river. We then proceeded to duel in the shadow of a pyramid in the desert. Truly cinematic. (I won)

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